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Dozen Minis- Sunday, June 18th Delivery

Dozen Minis- Sunday, June 18th Delivery


This box will be delivered on Sunday, June 18th between 9am-12pm. The flavors in this box will include Bourbon Butterscotch Cinnamon Roll, Cookie Butter Cheesecake, Kinder Bueno, and Spiked Churro.


Bourbon Butterscotch Cinnamon Roll- Bourbon butterscotch sauce topped with an Irish Cream frosting and cinnamon roll filling


Cookie Butter Cheesecake- Filled donut with an Irish Cream & cookie butter frosting, cheesecake glaze, with a cookie butter drizzle, whipped vodka frosting, and crushed Lotus Biscoff cookies 


Kinder Bueno- Chocolate hazelnut ganache glaze topped with a Kinder Bueno vodka frosting and a mini Kinder Bueno


Spiked Churro- Coated in cinnamon sugar with a spiked churro buttercream and dulce de leche drizzle.



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